Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Floor Pillow for a Little One ~ Woodland Tree Stump

I had a chance to work with one of the newest fabric lines from Riley Blake Designs this week.

Woodland Spring is such a dreamy line, I fell in love with it. I used a 10-inch stacker and created two floor pillows for little kids. Head over to Riley Blake Designs to see the complete tutorial!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Modes4U Christmas Fabric Giveaway Winner!

The giveaway is closed and it is time to announce the winner for the Christmas Fabric Giveaway by Modes4U!

Are you ready??? The winner is...

Michelle L

Congratulations! Please contact me with your shipping info so they can ship your fabrics soon. Thank you so much for participating!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Tutorial ~ Skirt Refashion and Headband

There are several reasons why I like to do refashioning and re-purposing; here are some of them:

* It is fun to see the transformation of plain or not so attractive things
* In many cases it is more economical than buying something new
* I get to be creative
* I love the feeling of giving new life to otherwise unwanted items
* I can create one of a kind items

One of my favorite refashionings is to use grown up (or teen) skirt to make a skirt for Rachel. I am not a big fan of spending a lot for kids; clothing especially since they grow out of them so quickly. Some of the skirts Rachel likes online are around $50 to $60!

I was at a thrift store one day and found a short skirt for a grown up. I immediately liked the lacy fabric with smoky blue color, it had nice lining and a price tag of $4... I was sold! It will cost way more than that to make a skirt like this from scratch.

I will share a quick tutorial of what I did. :)

{You will need}

1" elastic for the waist
Matching thread

{How to}

1. Cut off the original waist band.

2. I measured from Rachel's waist line to slightly above the knee, and decided to cut off a couple inches from the top edge to make the skirt shorter. When you do this you will want to make sure that the top fabric and lining are aligned well (lining should be slightly shorter when you are done cutting), also consider the width of the elastic you are going to put on because that will add to the length of the finished skirt.

3. Pin the top edge of the skirt and lining. This will keep them together better when you are sewing them to the elastic. Measure your child's waist and add 1" to that measurement and cut a 1" wide strip of elastic. Overlap both ends and sew to make a loop.

4. Sew the skirt to the elastic using a zigzag stitch. Stretch the elastic as you sew. That's it! Depending on what is worn on top of the skirt; this can be easily be dressed up. I had left over elastic, so I made a matching headband as well.

Rachel is the type of a girl who doesn't like to fuss over her hair too much. She likes to wear headbands because they are quick and keep her hair in place. I love watching her try on something I made for her especially when she actually loves it. Each time when that happens, I give myself a high five. :)

I hope you will remember this little tutorial next time you see a unique and pretty skirt at a thrift store (or you might find something in your own closet!). It will be a chance to make a one of a kind skirt for one of your loved ones for cheap!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Modes4U Christmas Fabric Giveaway!

Hello everyone! Do you remember the reversible cross body/tote bag tutorial I shared a while ago using fabric by Modes4U?

Guess what?? They are offering a Christmas fabric bundle giveaway to Tea Rose Home readers!

Mmm... my favorite is the fabric in the bottom left corner with the deer head. That is so pretty! Do you see something you like? What would you make with them? This giveaway is world wide, so go ahead and enter it doesn't matter where you live! I will run the giveaway until October 1st.

Modes4U Christmas Fabric Giveaway

I will announce the winner the morning of October 2nd. Good luck everyone!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Putting Together a Sewing Room!

I have been collecting miniature furniture and things for a doll house for several years. One day I was re-organizing my sewing room and realized that I have everything I need to do this project.

You read the title and probably thought I am organizing my sewing room, didn't you?... Gotcha! Actually, I am creating a much more smaller version of a sewing room. I don't think I can even call it "a doll house", since I am using a small wooden suitcase as a room. I am going to write several separate posts about the progress for the project, because it would be fun to talk about decorations and details as I put it together. Today, I am going to talk about the base: The room.

I guess you can use many different things as a "room" when you are creating a doll house or display. Remember the Tiny Tin Bedroom I did a while ago? I used a candy tin can as a room.

For this project, I have furniture pieces that I wanted to incorporate. I needed a much bigger base than a small can. I found a wooden suitcase at Hobby Lobby, after 40% off it was about $5.

I covered hardware with washi-tape and spray painted the suitcase first...
At the same time I spray painted the furniture and some decorations as well.


and after... Mmm, much better.

While I was having a blast, my kids came and told me their opinions (wait, did I ask their opinion? No, but they told me anyways).

Michael said, "Mom, why is everything is so white? You can't see anything."

Rachel came in and in a nasally voice, said, "Mooom, this is going to be too white. You need more color." Then she cut herself off, "Oh, oh!", she exclaimed. "They are SO tiny and cuuute!" she said excitedly in a high pitch voice while fawning over the furniture and decorations. Can I have it when you are done??

My response to both was, "I painted them white because I LOVE white! I am going to add colors as I go, now leave me alone, this is my project."

They both laughed. Naughty kids, they love to tease their momma. It is no secret that I love white. When you come to my house you will see lots of white. My friends tease me, but hey, everybody has their preferences right? I love the clean, calm and peaceful feeling I get when I am surrounded by whites. I add colors with decorations, just like painting a white canvas with different colors of paint. I wonder when my kids grow up and they have their own place, will every single room will be painted... hahaha. :)

Going back to the doll house... after the paint was completely dried, I moved on to putting up "wallpaper". I just used a single sheet of scrapbook paper that is white...wait, wait, in my own defense. it has embossing texture. I still wanted a white wall but with texture. In the doll house room, the scale of the floral design is very large. That's exactly how I wanted it. I think it gives a subtle, yet dramatic effect to the room.

What do you think?

I then moved on to do the floor. I wanted the look of hardwood floors, but when I was looking at the "wood floor" at Hobby Lobby in their doll house section, it costs way more than I was willing to spend. Again, I turned to scrapbook paper and I like how it turned out! The width of the planks on the paper was way too wide, so I just drew some lines to make the plank narrower. Simple easy solution, huh?

Now the stage is set I can start decorating the mini sewing room! I will let you know the progress in my next post. :)

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Dreaming of California

Kids are back to school and we are trying to get back to our regular routine, but I am not ready to let go of Summer yet.

During Summer we took two trips and I realized that I haven't shared the pictures with you. The first trip was just Mr. TRH and I for our 20th Anniversary.

I love to travel. If I had no physical limitations and an unlimited budget, I would be all over the place. Mr. TRH on the other hand, is a homebody. He is totally happy and content to stay home.

I love big cities and lots of activities. He doesn't like big cities and wants to relax.

It was not easy to pick the destination that would accommodate both of our needs. Some people recommended Monterey and when I did some reserch of my own I was more and more excited about the idea. What we decided to do was to visit Monterey, San Jose and San Francisco. I have never been to all those cities and we thought we could have a great time at laid back Monterey and big city San Francisco.

Did I enjoy the trip you might ask?... Oh, yes. VERY MUCH!

We love spending time with each other but it is so hard to find quality time in the regular day to day schedule. During the drive to Monterey we were talking (without getting interrupted!), laughing, and listening to books on CDs. The whole trip was fun, but I adore the time we spent in the car as well. Not to mention that we love making stops here and there to try new restaurants and food along the way. We had all you can eat Crab for lunch and we were in heaven!

I planned this trip on a budget, but I wanted to stay at a nice hotel. When we got married we didn't have a fancy honeymoon trip, so this was a chance for us to do that.

Growing up near the ocean, I really miss this view. What a pretty sight... waking up to an ocean view put me in such a happy mood every morning while we were there.

We did visit an antique mall(although it wasn't Mr. TRH's choice of activity he was such a good sport about it), we did a 17 mile scenic drive, and ate at some of the really good restaurants. We definitely want to go back to Monterey. There are so many water sports and other activities that our kids will love, it will be a perfect place for the family to vacation too.

We have a friend in San Jose, he and his friend gave us a tour one day. Again, we ate at amazing Mexican and Thai restaurants, and visited the beautiful Japanese garden. It was beautiful and relaxing, I felt like I was transported to Japan.

One of the highlights was when they took me to a big fabric store! It was not the garment district, but hey, I was so giddy going through their selection.

Another place they took us was the Winchester Mystery House. At first I didn't realized where we were then it hit me, "OH!" I remembered watching about this place on the History channel before. The mansion is beautiful, yet very bizarre....

Driving around the town to see Victorian style homes was so much fun too, I enjoy looking at architecture and many different flowers I normally don't see here in Utah.

Then, The last place was San Francisco. To be precise I have been to San Francisco years ago, just at the airport. Mr. TRH wasn't too thrilled about this idea because we were driving and didn't know the roads. I was suppose to be the navigator, but it was so hard to focus!! I was in one of the cities I always wanted to visit. looking at tall buildings, pretty architecture along the rolling hills; how can I focus? I was ohh-ing and Ahh-ing a lot. I wish we had several days to walk around to take more pictures and sketch some of the homes.

One of the places we went was Japan town. There we visited their dollar store (seriously, you will love some of the stuff you can find at the Japanese dollar store) ate at a Sushi restaurant, spent a good amount of time at Kinokuni-ya which is a book store; I was drooling over at so many books... oh how I wished I could have bought the whole store.

I haven't been to Kaiten-sushi (sushi-go-around) for years, it took me a couple rounds to finally grab the plate of sushi I wanted. It was going faster than I remembered!

Then of course, the Golden Gate Bridge... I don't think I am the only one who had the theme song of "Full House" playing in my head while visiting San Francisco. Rachel has been watching reruns of Full House. When she found out that we are going to San Fransisco, she asked me to get an autograph from the actors of the show. "Sweetie", I said, "Do you know how long ago that show was aired?" It is so cute how kids think. :)

I know it was a long post with tons of pictures, but it was only a small part of our trip. I am naturally a very curious person, but when I am on a trip my curiosity level is 120%! I want to see, hear, taste, experience; take everything in! I fell in love with all the places we visited, but what made me happy was that I was with my most favorite person the whole world the entire time. I know we will talk about our trip for years to come and every now and then we will dream of California.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Crafternoon Tea Towel Apron Giveaway Winners!

It is time to announce the lucky winners for the Tea Towel Apron Kit! There are a couple things...

I will do my best to reach you if you are the winner. Please contact me with your name and shipping info so I can send the kit right away. If I don't hear from you within 72 hours, I am going to pick a new winner to give others a chance.

So, are you all ready???

The winners are...

Katy Marriott

Selina Clare

Congratulations you two!!

Those of you who entered for the giveaway thank you so much for participating!

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