Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Soft-Baked Funfetti Sugar Cookies

I baked these Soft-Baked Funfettie Sugar Cookies and quickly took pictures and shared it on my Instagram yesterday. I know, I should have shared it on my blog too, but Instagram is so much simpler and quicker! I promise to be better at posting things like that here as well.

I wish I could take full credit for these cookies, but I found the recipe on a blog called Sally's Baking Addiction. When I found the recipe, there were 274 comments on it. Wow, that looks promising right? I had to try it!

My cookies didn't look as pretty as hers, but they sure tasted so good! My family loved them and I love how they look cheerful with all the sprinkles baked in.
I am going to add this to my recipe book for sure!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Laundry Room Reveal

Mr.TRH and I finally finished out laundry room and I am loving it!

Yep, that is the before picture of my laundry room. As I shared in a post a while ago, I was SO sure that I ordered the sink for our laundry room when we picked everything for the house, and when we did the walk though, it wasn't there. When I checked our papers, it wasn't there... hmm, the hook up is there; how did I miss ordering the sink and cabinet??

Almost two years later, we finally decided to put in the cabinets and sink and finish the laundry room ourselves. Thanks to a 20% off kitchen cabinet sale at Home Depot, we were able to do the project a lot cheaper than we had originally planned. Mr. TRH and I have never done this before and it took us a long time to finish, but it is finally done!

We are not most handy people at all, so this was a pretty big project for us. I can't help feeling giddy and having an ear to ear grin when I walk in to the room. Here is the "after" picture and more details...

Opposite side of the room. We put wall to wall shelf and rod up. Now I can hang more clothes without them touching each other. I use garbage pails with lid as a hamper. I love how I can hide our dirty laundry inside of them.

I was so excited to decorate the room. The first thing I did was to paint the wall a very subtle gray. Does the wall art look familiar? I moved it from the family room to the laundry room. I had several options, but all the kids love the wall art there.

Then, the most exciting feature in this room... the sink. This is the first house I have a sink in the laundry room! Thanks to our friend T & T for helping us with plumbing, we would have been lost without you!

Between the job, everyday responsibilities, and yard work it was hard to find the time to do this, but it was worth it. Sometimes I will just walk in to the laundry room for no reason, so I can just look at it. I will share the pictures of the built in bookcase when we are finished, so stay tuned! :)

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Hexagon Quilt Finished!

I started this quilt last summer and I finally finished it!! It is all hand pieced and hand quilted... which is what I love to do. Don't get me wrong, I love the convenience of the sewing machine and the speed with which I can produce a quilt. Though I started as a hand quilter and I just love sitting down and working on a quilt one stitch at a time. I love the peaceful feeling I get and forget about the chaos and worries in life for a moment. Also, by working by hand, I can take the quilt pretty much everywhere I go.

Because I have other projects I am working on at home using my sewing machine, I take the project I can work on by hand with me. I stitch in the car while I am waiting at the carpool, I stitch at the kid's Tae Kwan Do studio and I stitch and stitch some more at family gatherings for when I have down time. Basically, I wasn't in a hurry to finish this quilt; it was my fun back burner project. That is why it took almost a year to complete!

The feeling of joy at finishing the project came with a slight panicky feeling like "Yikes, I need a new back burner project!". I have three projects due soon, so I should probably wait on that.

When I quilted this quilt, I didn't draw lines. It was totally free hand and I went with the flow.

I went though my stash and pieced the backing as well.

I have been meaning to find the time to lay on the couch with my quilt and have a really good reading time, but it hasn't happened yet.

Are you working of something right now?

Friday, May 1, 2015

Green Craft Magazine Feature

If you happen to be at a book store or passing by a magazine stand somewhere... please look for the newest issue of Green Craft magazine.
You might ask why? Because one of my all time favorite cardigans that I refashioned is featured on three full pages!

Remember this "She wears flowers" cardigan??

I enjoyed the magazine after I received a copy! There are LOTS of pretty and fun projects for everybody.

It is always fun to see my own creations in print and I feel so honored to be featured. So, thank you so much to the people at Green Craft Magazine! I am sending a copy to my mom in Japan soon.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Shoe Makeovers Overload

I have been in the mood for Spring cleaning lately. I went through cubbies, drawers and closets to down size and organize. It is surprising to know how much you can accumulate over the years. I was doing pretty well and making progress thoughout the house, then, as I was cleaning my closet I hit road blocks. Can you guess what they were??

My Shoes. I mean several of them.

Those are the shoes that I no longer wear; they are still in good condition but with scuff marks and such. I thought about putting them all into the "Donate" bag, then one of my shoulder angels (I don't know if it was the good one or the bad one) whispered "paint them, it will be so fun". Grr... yes, I agree, it will be SO fun. That's what I have ended up doing. Here are the Before pictures of them.

See the potential? So let's see the before & after...

*Before* (black mary jane with kitty heel)

*After* (I loved the shape of these shoes, I just wanted to give a facelift with a subtle unusual color.)

*Before* (Brown square toe Shoes with belt) --- I have sentimental attachment to these shoes. This was the very first "heel" I bought after I got my prosthetic leg with an adjustment ability in the ankle. The highest heels I can wear are about 1 1/2".

*After* (The tip of the shoes were pretty scuffed up. I decided to paint the whole thing except the belt. I love the two tone look)

*Before* (Dark brown flat with gathered front and ankle strap)

*After* (I love everything about these shoes except I wanted to paint them with more of an unusual color)

and the final shoes... these is my most favorite and I had the most fun painting them. So, here they are:

*Before* (Red mary jane with kitty heel)

*After* (Coming up with a floral design is so much fun!)

I have several ideas for painting shoes in my sketch book. I think it will be fun to do something more modern and non flowery next time. what do you think?? If you have shoes in your closet you no longer wear, painting them might be the way to get you a customized new pair of shoes without spending a fortune. :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Anthro inspired ~ Canvas Flower Wall Art

I did a guest post at Flamingo Toes a few weeks ago with this project. I am posting the whole tutorial on my blog today in case you missed it.

You might have noticed by looking at my blog... I have many interests; You know what that means? I have lots and lots of things in my studio; fabrics, laces, ribbons, papers, beads... etc. you name it. I do not like to waste things and have a hard time parting with beautiful items that I think can be incorporated into future projects. If you are like me and keep tiny pieces of fabrics, this might be the perfect project for you!

A long time ago, I saw this on the Anthropology website and I fell in love with it...

Because of the cost ($88 a pillow? No way!) I never purchased it, but this was on my list of "things to make".

When I was asked to join Scrap Busting Extravaganza, the pillow came to my mind, but then... I thought "hey, what if I make wall art instead!" So, that is what I am going to share with you today.

{You will need}

24" x 24" canvas
Fabric scraps
Thin fusible interfacing (1 yard+)
Mod Podge
Sponge brush
Scissors, pencil
{How to}

1. Lay down the fusible interfacing on the ironing board fusible side up. Lay out the fabric scraps wrong side down on top of the interfacing. Place them close to minimize the gap between the scraps. This way when you are pressing it with the iron, the sticky thing doesn't ruin your iron. There are a couple reasons to do this step; stiffing the fabric, so they become easier to cut into shapes and also to prevent the edges from fraying.

2. Cut a circle for the center of the flower. Mine is about 3" in diameter.

3. Cut fabrics for second layer and third layer. I found that it is easier to cut several petals then paste them with Mod Podge. There are 1/8" to 1/4" space between each petals.

4. The trick to have nicely curved edges to fit with the previous petal is to trace the edge lightly with pencil...

Then cut! When you lay down the fabric on top of the previous one, you can feel a slight bump. just lightly trace it. See, what I mean? Repeat the process to make the flower to your desired size.

5. Now, you are ready to seal it. For this step, I recommend to use a wider sponge brush. Apply generous amount of Mod Podge and spread it all over the canvas. You want minimal contact with the petals and brush so you don't start fraying the edges.

6. It looks a little "milky", but don't worry it will dry clear.

Once it is dry, time to display!

I love how it turned out! I walked around my house to see possible placement of this new wall art. I haven't decided exactly where, but I will show you a few candidates...

On my mantle?

On my cabinet in the formal living room?

Or by the window in the family room?

The last few weeks, it was on my living room wall, but now I moved it to my newly painted laundry room. I had a couple different things for the wall in mind and I asked my kids which one they liked. They love the vibe this wall art gives to the room.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Rug Pad Corner Review!

My formal (well, not so formal) living room ... I want to talk about something in this picture today. Can you guess what it is???

I had a chance to review a couple rug pads from Rug Pad Corner. This review offer couldn't come at a better time than this; I had a couple rugs that are on my hard wood floor and they kept sliding. I was going to go to the store and buy rug pads that week!

I went to their web site to do some research, here is what I found out:

The founder and CEO Sam Kaoud worked at his father's oriental rug store as a part time job when he was a student. After that it became his full time job and passion! He saw too many rug pads in customers' homes actually sticking to the floor. After he did his research, he found out that mose of the rug pads contain inferior quality materials, commonly adhesives and chemicals.

He saw the need for genuine quality rug pads that would actually do what they are supposed to do. He states:

"I visited the mills, told them what materials to use and which not to use…told them I did not want any glue or adhesives at all…told them that the rubber must be real, solid rubber. I got what I asked for and started offering these pads to every customer in our rug store, but why stop there? For the millions of other people around the country with area rugs, I wanted them to have the right rug pad - so in 2009, I launched"

I also found this statement on their site:

"We manufacture natural felt and rubber rug pads in the USA with American materials. Our mills know how strict we are about quality standards and there is never any imported material or chemical found in any of our rug pads. We also do not believe in coating our rug pads with common adhesives that others use – instead, we pay more time and money to utilize specialties, such as a heat pressing process to assure safety to your homes and floors."

RPC Heat Pressed™

Exclusive only to Rug Pad Corner, felt rug pads labeled as RPC Heat Pressed™ assure you that there are no adhesives or glues in them – Instead, we utilize a Heat Pressing Process to reinforce the material within the rug pads. Our Ultra Premium, Superior and No-Muv Rug Pads are Certified RPC Heat Pressed™. Click here for more on RPC Heat Pressed."

Wow! Sounds promising right? I have to admit, I am not the most Green minded person or anything, but as a wife and a mother, I would love to know what I am bringing into the home and if they are safe for my family. At first, I was just happy just to have a rug pad, but now, I am really excited to try them out! So, the rug pads came to our door...

The rug I had by my kitchen sink was from Target. I fell in love with the design, but there is no grip on the back of this rug. It was slipping all over and the kids hated it. I tried the Super Hold pad, which is made out of real rubber not plastic. Oh what a difference it made, the rug is staying in one place and we all love it!

I also have a larger rug in my formal living room. Because there is less traffic there, and because of it's size, it wasn't moving as much as the kitchen rug, but it was sliding more then I liked. I got to try out the Ultra Premium rug pad. It is 1/3" thick and it really stays on the floor!

Rug pads are not something we show off or decorate the house with, but knowing the product really works and it doesn't contain harsh chemicals is a great feeling as a customer. I totally recommend their products to my friends.

As a Tea Rose Home reader, you receive 15% off of your entire order. Just use REVIEW15 at checkout. I hope you enjoyed my post!
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