Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Free Give Away!

I made this purse a while back by using an Amy Butler pattern in the picture. It was very fun to make so I made two. Because of the copyright law, I can't sell them on my etsy store. So, I decided to do a free give away to thank my readers! I will give away one of the purses, not the pattern.

Here the rules:
1. Leave a comment on this post.
2. If you follow my blog, I will enter your name in twice- yes, I am very biased, I favor my followers.
3. I will announce the winner on May 19th, so come back and check to see if you are the winner. Then if you are the winner, e-mail me your info. I will send you the bag!

Good luck :)


The Sacks Family said...

You know how I love purses, and all the things you do!! Had a great time at the Open House. HOPE I WIN!!:)

Mycurlyhairdays said...

Yeay! I am a follower! So this is post #1.
Hope I win!
Hope I win!
Hope I win!

Mycurlyhairdays said...

Here is post #2!
I always wanted to own something of yours!!! You are truly amazing!
I miss you tons!

Hope I win!
Hope I win!
Hope I win!

Smile (0:

Sherri said...

The bag is gorgeous...I love the fabrics...and of course I'm already a follower!

Amber said...

I wish I could have gone to your Open House. Let me know when you decide to have another one! Do you have any aprons for sale? The purse is so cute!

girlsmama said...

I love it! You never cease to amaze me with your talents!

Aennchen said...

Hello Sechiko,
My name is Anna and I follow your blog from Cambridge, UK. I am an Activities Officer for the elderly and love to look at "pretty items" to get some inspiration for my Arts & Crafts projects. Your "pretty items" definitely inspired me. Thank you for that.
The purse you made is beautiful and if I win it, it will be my favorite summer purse.
All the best to you and your family.
Best wishes from Cambridge, UK.

Melissa said...

Gimme, Gimme, Gimme! I love the fabrics.

Jessica said...

Love it!! Of course I love everything you make. Plus I'm a follower so I guess that's two for me! Yeah!

Jessica said...

What a great idea! I love the pattern too. I just realized that for some odd reason, that I wasn't following your blog. It's been fixed now.

liz taylor said...

Hey, that is the cutest purse ever! Love it. Hope to win!!!!

Elisa said...

I'm a sucker for contests! Enter me in!

beewitchinstitchin said...

Great purse; great blog. I follow you in Google Reader and never, ever miss a new post. Hope this purse comes to live with me!!! Kathy


Nikki said...

I am coming out from hiding! YES. I have been following your blog for almost year now. If the purpose of this giveaway was to bring me out of hiding, then you have done well...Sigh. AND, I've followed. The least you could do is send me some left over fabrics! :P



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